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[edit] Episode 1 (pilot)

  • Aired September 9, 2008

This page is for listing elements that are, or may possibly be, connections between the TV episodes and the online elements, and vice versa. Some may be clues, some may not yet be connected, some may just be mysterious elements.

[edit] Visual elements

Intro sequence
  • hidden text in single frame - "observers are here"
Pre-commercial symbols
  • yellow dot positions varied for each symbol
noted sequence: butterfly, leaf, hand, apple, frog, hand, apple (later, portions of the symbols were hilighted)
1600x1200 version of the fringe imagery (from Fox.com/Fringe):
'Virus jet'
Exploring the garage
  • Flickering streetlight - morse code? (audio? light?) similarity to the yellow spot?
As posted at unfiction:
It seems as though the flickering street light near the beginning before the explosion is flickering morse code... but I can't make anything understandable out of it (and it's very hard to isolate and make out).

best patterns I've been able to determine, and I'm not entirely certain of the letter breaks, are:

(at about 11:47-12:10) --- .-. (crash) --. . --. .-. .- --. .-. .- --.
which makes something like: OR----GEGRAGRAG
and (at about 13:57-14:02) .--. -. ...- -. ..
making something like: PNVNI

so it's doubtful I've got it right, if it is in fact morse
(straight clips part 1 / part 2 mp3)
  • Packed boxes writing
  • Vehicle with "MD" hood logo
Meeting Doctor Bishop
  • Door key number
Massive Dynamic Facade
  • Glowing monkeys - Poster URL (GlowingMonkeys.com)
  • Penrose - Pen + Rose (also, the Observer is seen walking in the foreground)
  • "...nich must not be boug..." scrolling inside the building
Dream sequence (50minutes in):
South Boston
  • Chef TV
Harvard lab
  • Cat in window
Individual items
  • Massive Dynamic billboard
  • Profiles: Sandra Guerard, Howard Gord
  • Access code - 112400 and leaf
[edit] Massive Dynamic spot (before credits)
[edit] Ep 2 preview (during credits)
  • Symbol flashes, frame clips
  • Mysterious bald headed man also seen with camera
  • This final sequence glyphs is repeated three times
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