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[edit] Episode 2

  • Aired September 16, 2008

This page is for listing elements that are, or may possibly be, connections between the TV episodes and the online elements, and vice versa. Some may be clues, some may not yet be connected, some may just be mysterious elements.

[edit] Episode elements

Pre-commercial symbols
  • yellow dot positions varied for each symbol, as per previous episode
noted sequence: leaf, frog, apple, flower, apple
yellow dots: upper left, lower right, lower left, lower left, upper right
Individual Items
  • Mysterious bald headed man
Mysterious bald headed man also seen with camera at :22s of the Fringe: Season preview (youtube)
  • Graffiti outside Stoughton MA
  • Walter's garage combination - 314159 (pi)
  • Clause Penrose bio at Boston College
Dr. Claus Penrose, Professor and Chairman, Biology Department, Boston Col(lege...)

Dr. Clause Penrose has served as Chairman and Director of the Biology, Biochemis(try...)
at Boston College since 2006. In addition, he has been on the Editorial Boards of m(...)
such as Live Science, and was the Founding Editor and Editor-In-Chief of The Cell,(...)
molecular biology. He has been the organizer of major international biochemistry m(...)
Member of Apostla Inc., a Cambria-based Plant Genomics Company, and is on the(...)
pus "Institute without walls" within UCSD dedicated to unraveling the processes tha(t...)
long and distinguished career, Dr. Penrose has received several awards recognizin(g...)
molecular biology. These include election to the National Academy of Sciences, be(...)
Lecturer, and being listed as making one of the "top 15" Discoveries in UCSD'S 75-(...)
ted to undergraduate and graduate education and is an "expert" in making science(...)
UCSD Distinguished Teaching Awards from the Department of Applied Genetic Res(...)
Cell, and Devlopmental Biology, and was awarded the all-campus Luckmann Dist(...)
  • "Voces Video" outside Massive Dynamic (update: voces video is latin for "to see voices")
    Also noted, an interesting parallel - the "Voces Video" font style is very similar to the contested GlowingMonkeys.com sub-header font:
  • Man's profile at HQ - "21A"
  • Images resolved by the electron pulse camera (rotated where necessary)
  • Walter counting in bed
    0 1 1 2 3 8 13 21 34 55 - fibonacci sequence (missing the 5)
    1 233 377 221 610 - continued sequence (skipped 89 and 144, 1 and 221 don't belong)
  • Additional clones
[edit] Ep 3 preview (during credits)
  • This sequence of glyphs is identical to the previous preview, appearing about midway
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