Episode 3

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[edit] Episode 3

  • Aired September 23, 2008

This page is for listing elements that are, or may possibly be, connections between the TV episodes and the online elements, and vice versa. Some may be clues, some may not yet be connected, some may just be mysterious elements.

[edit] Episode elements

Pre-commercial symbols
  • yellow dot positions varied for each symbol, as per each episode
noted sequence: leaf, apple, leaf, apple, frog
Individual Items
  • St. Anne's Cathedral - on entering the scene, the image is one way, on leaving, it's flipped.
  • Bus passenger list, and Evelina's profile
  • Roy's apartment, sketches (numbers/dates): 21, 627, 9-15-07
  • Roy's profile in Walter's notes (and an inconsistency)
  • Walter peering in Roy's eyes - analyzing Roy's pupils with flashlight pre-surgery (akin to the hovering yellow dot?).
  • Bald observer man re-appears on the train
  • Icecream? or... something else?
  • Grant's profile
[edit] Ep 4 preview (during credits)
  • Frame clips - bald man gets more attention
  • Writing in code
  • This sequence of glyphs is identical to the previous previews
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