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Contact: Jonathan Stadtler

Massive Dynamic Public Affairs

Massive Dynamic Unveils the “Invisi-V”
Flat-Screen Television Will Blend Seamlessly Into Wall

NEW YORK CITY, August 27, 2008 – Massive Dynamic has unveiled the “Invisi-V,” a prototype mega-sized TV screen that blends seamlessly into any wall, ceiling, or flat surface.

“The Invisi-V is not just a breakthrough for home entertainment. It is a massive leap forward for electronic engineering and product design,” said Marcia Sorrens, Senior Vice President of Ludic Science, Massive Dynamic’s life and leisure division.

Sorrens revealed the next-generation television at Massive Dynamic’s annual investors’ conference. Attendees gasped when a 16-by-24 foot white wall, which appeared to be just one wall of the conference room, suddenly began playing “Batman: The Dark Knight” in full high-definition and surround sound.

“The Invisi-V, which can be customized for any size viewing space, will transform the viewing experience in homes across the country and around the world,” said Nina Sharp, Chief Operating Officer of Massive Dynamic.

The next-generation television, which will be activated through voice commands and will be touch sensitive as well, is expected to be available for home installation within the coming year.

The underlying Invisi-Cloak camouflaging technology was developed in conjunction with Fleming-Monroe, Massive Dynamic’s aerospace subsidiary.

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