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Contact: Jonathan Stadtler

Massive Dynamic Public Affairs

Gene Therapy Learning Project
Massive Dynamic Pledges $10 Million to Pilot Program

San Francisco, July 14, 2008 -- The Massive Dynamic Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Massive Dynamic, has launched a new program aimed at providing high school students with the tools necessary to work in the growing field of gene therapy.

“This program aims to expose college-bound students to the latest developments in genetic research. Many of these developments will, of course, reflect Massive Dynamic’s cutting-edge work in this field,” said Education and Development Director Ken Hutchens.

The $10 million program will involve classroom and laboratory activities, as well as real-world problems on which students will test their skills. Topics will include defective gene replacement, prenatal enhancement, and epigenetic engineering.

“This project is a direct response to the National Science Foundation’s report to Congress last year, which shows the United States has fallen behind in laboratory science education,” said Martin Buitenheld, Creative Director of the MD Foundation.

The gene therapy project is only the latest of Massive Dynamic many educational initiatives, with total funding of nearly $100 million last year.

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