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[edit] Nina Sharp

Nina Sharp in the CEO of Massive Dynamic.

[edit] MD Bio

Nina Sharp
Chief Operating Officer

In her 16 years with the company, Nina Sharp has overseen the firm's rise from feisty start-up to multinational conglomerate. As Sr. Vice President of R&D, Nina demonstrated her skill in transforming concept into product. Since her 2004 promotion to Chief Operating Officer, Ms. Sharp has spearheaded the firm's entry into entertainment, education, and environmental management. In 2007, she headed The Women's Progress Foundation's annual list of the Top 10 Women in Business.

[edit] Information from the Show

  • We learn in the pilot that Nina Sharp received a robotic prosthetic arm from William Bell sometime in the past, which gave her a deep appreciation for his work.
  • Nina Sharp knows something about The Pattern:
(quote, S1-E1)
Nina: Do you think that Richard Stieg is part of The Pattern?
Olivia: What?
Nina: Oh, I'm sorry, I thought you had clearance.
Olivia: Well, I'm sure I have whatever clearance you have...
Nina: Apparently not.
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