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[edit] Press Release

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Contact: Jonathan Stadtler

Massive Dynamic Public Affairs

Massive Energetic Announces
Geothermal Energy Initiative
Proof-of-Concept Trial Shows New Method’s Viability

NEW YORK CITY, June 20, 2008 -- Massive Energetic, the energy technology division of Massive Dynamic, has announced a Geothermal Energy Initiative with the goal of perfecting a renewable energy source cheaper than coal within the next five years.

“The full promise of geothermal energy has not been recognized… until now,” said Marie Tallia, spokeswoman for Massive Energetic.

In a proof-of-concept trial last month, a Massive Energetic task force demonstrated the viability of its anthropogenic geothermal venting (AGV) technique. While traditional geothermal technology uses naturally occurring pockets of steam and hot water, AGV creates electricity by pumping water underground to crack hot rocks and using the captured steam to turn a turbine.

“AGV is the future of environmentally friendly electrical power,” said Nina Sharp, Chief Operating Officer of Massive Dynamic. “We couldn’t be more pleased about this exciting innovation.”

The successful test in Kyrgyzstan demonstrated the technique’s safety, thus paving the way for winning a domestic testing waiver from the U.S. Department of Energy.

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