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Contact: Jonathan Stadtler

Massive Dynamic Public Affairs

Massive Logistic Plans
Holographic Computer Monitor

NEW YORK CITY, September 25, 2008 – Information technology leader Massive Logistic has filed for a patent on technology for a holographic computer monitor.

“Three-dimensional projections will soon take the place of clunky flat-screens,” said Jennifer Magumda, vice-president for Massive Logistic. “Your desktop is about to get a lot cleaner.”

The patent application describes the underlying holographic wedge as “a threedimensional optical matrix with integrated multiphase circuit board,” which incorporates a “first-of-its-kind hemispherical projection pod.”

First-generation holographic monitors are being developed for U.S. Department of Defense applications ranging from operations center management to medical imaging. Consumer applications are expected to follow over the next few years.

“The holographic wedge will forever alter the computing experience,” said Magumda. “The next stage will be endogenous controls for direct manipulation of holographic icons by the end user.”

Massive Logistic is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Massive Dynamic, a multinational technology conglomerate.

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